After reading the document on “Remediation” I had a better understanding on how project 1 and 2 were developed.  The information, pictures, videos were all available in different formats.  I understood I was using others work to develop mine but didn’t know it was remediation.  One example that helped me understands remediation in a sermon in church.  The Bible has many stories that are told over and over again using different type of media.  Another is at work when we are developing training.  With all the new media, blended training is now available to the sailors using things like movie clips, videos and the written word.  Lastly, my date nights usually consist of going to the theatre.  I never gave to what was really taking place but after reading that document I had a good understanding.


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  1. Delphine, I love how you tied this in with the Bible…very insightful. This little document that we had to read has something to teach everyone, doesn’t it? I think you’re right, but a lot of the times, the remediation kind’ve distorts some of the biblical stories, like this movie about Noah’s Ark that I saw when I was younger that tied Noah’s Ark in with Sodom and Gomorrah by making Lot Noah’s son. I was like…what is this?

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